Put Your Trust in God

When you are feeling down, lonely, or let down, give it all to God.  He’s got it, you, the situation – Everything.

Come as you are Give it Godand give Him everything that weighs you down and distresses you.  He is the hope for the hopeless; strength for the weak; and fortress for those who need refuge.

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  1. Cynthia Fields
    Cynthia Fields at |

    So timely! Thank you for sharing and reminding us of power and wisdom of trusting God…alone!

  2. Jo-Ann Hoye
    Jo-Ann Hoye at |

    This is a perfect words of encouragement, when it appeared no encouragement was to be found! I have been fed today! Thanks!

  3. Alice Lov
    Alice Lov at |

    Thanks for sharing with words of encouragement…Like all the categories…


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