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  1. Jo-Ann Hoye
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    This is so on time….I mean that we just celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus who left an empty tomb to remind us….It’s Not Over, It’s Not Finish, It’s only the beginning…In fact a Brand New Beginning through every aspect of our Lives!

    The season of Spring brings out the idea of “Spring Cleaning” meaning to through out the old and clean up with a fresh start of something new or even a thought of restoration to something new…It could be simple like just moving family room furniture to different locations, or painting that same room another color….Regardless its something new that we do annually.

    The same is with Resurrection Sunday, it signifies a “Time to Change” time to do something different for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…perhaps this year you’ll really go and join a ministry versus remaining in the observation ministry. Perhaps you will go and join a bible study…or even better start your own. Get some fresh, new, paint on those spiritual walls of yours!

    Yes, its time for change….What are you going to do? What’s your response?


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