My Prayer Today

Lord, I thank you for being all to me.  My strength when I have none left; my peace when I’m in distress; my provision when I am broke; my protection every moment of every day.  Lord, please forgive my unbelief and delayed obedience.  I so want to hear from you Lord.  I so want to do You will.  I want Your Kingdom to be advanced.  I want provision and abundance and joy and peace and love for me and my family.  I just want the tears to stop and ache in my heart to cease.  I am your prisoner in chains Lord.  I am Your passenger in the belly of a whale.  I am the one who wants to walk upon the water.  I just don’t want to be the pillar of salt stuck in my passed.  I want to be a warrior of you Lord.  Please help me!!pexels-photo-27633

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